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We're Growing Our
International Teacher

Join and be part of the 2022 cohort of teachers that believes in building the #EmpathyGeneration - a generation of students skilled in empathy and leadership.

Learn from empathy experts
Join a network of teachers from 5 continents
Gain new skills to develop empathy in your students

Join a community that learns and develops in the skill of empathy

In 2020 we brought together our first cohort of international teacher ambassadors. Now, we're expanding the community and looking for 30 pioneering educators from the Teach For All network to become ambassadors for Empathy Week 2022, helping us to build the future of empathetic leadership education across the world. Together, we’re on a mission to build the #EmpathyGeneration and we can’t do it without you!

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Support your students to become part of the Empathy Generation

Are you passionate about ensuring that every student develops the skills of empathy and leadership?

That no matter where we are in the world, everyone should have the opportunity to have a positive impact?

If so, we'd love you to apply to be part of our ambassador network.

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A message from our founder Ed to you

Empathy Week 2021 Trailer

2022 Introduction trailer

See what our 2021 cohort say!

We had an amazing cohort of international teacher ambassadors last year who are continuing to help us build and spread the Empathy Generation.  We are a community that comes from across the world including: India, Nepal, Vietnam, Lebanon, Uganda, USA, Mexico, Ecuador, UK, Nigeria and Brasil.  If you join our community you will meet throughout the year to share best practice and help improve the Empathy Week programme so that it is accessible and relevant for all. In 2022 we will be working together to translate as many resources as possible and listen to your ideas about how to make the programme better than ever before.

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Explore what our Teacher Ambassadors from 2021 have to say...

2021 Case Studies

Become a 2022 Empathy Week Teacher Ambassador

Application details:

Empathy Week is searching for passionate individuals from the global participant and alumni network to become our 2022 Empathy Week International Teacher Ambassadors

Successful applicants will:

  • Learn new skills to bring into the classroom and from other cultures and contexts, exchanging best practice from across the Teach For All network.

  • Be part of a creative, new, global peer network of passionate teachers that are dedicated to transforming the lives of young people.

  • Be listed as part of our team for 2022, showing your valuable contribution to our development.

  • Be first to hear about new initiatives for their schools and have access to pilot any potentially exciting additions to the programme from previous years.

The Program - what’s expected from you:

This is a volunteer position which involves eight 2 hour virtual meetings across a 10 month period starting in September and ending in late June. However, we want people to continue and be ambassadors for years to come!

The meeting schedules look a bit like this:

  • Meeting 1 - Introduction
    Hear from founder Ed Kirwan to explain the purpose of Empathy Week, it’s mission and how we’re already making an impact.

  • Meeting 2-5 - Guest speakers and SEL best practice
    Hear from a range of speakers on leadership, empathy and socio-emotional learning as well as have the opportunity to forge relationships with your cohort and share best practice.

  • Meeting 6-7 - Prepare the best Empathy Week for your school/community
    Understand how best to use the films and resources for the upcoming week. Have a chance to speak to 2021 ambassadors and plan how you will create a case study of your school and how you’ve used Empathy Week throughout February. This may include capturing images/footage, survey data and evidencing how the students have learnt and used the week to create their own empathy action projects.

  • Meeting 8 - Feedback on the journey and what you hope for the future.

  • Come together as a community to learn again from the week and what you have achieved as a cohort. A time to celebrate and look to the future so that we can impact even more students lives.


We firmly believe that while every local context is different, the challenges children face are often similar, and therefore solutions are shareable. By coming together as a core of ambassadors across the world, we will be able to increase the impact of Empathy Week in all contexts across the globe.

We are already looking to translate the resources and the films next year. Allowing students in more areas of the world to have an even better opportunity to develop into strong, courageous and empathetic leaders.

By contributing a case study from your school and your country you will help to inspire others within your community, to also value the importance of developing students empathy and leadership.

Together, we are building the #EmpathyGeneration


  • You must be a participant or alumni of the Teach For All Network

  • You must currently be teaching

  • You must be able to communicate in English

  • You must have a strong drive to better the holistic education schools provide

  • You must be committed to the cause of creating the #EmpathyGeneration.

  • You must want to join in discussions, share ideas, and encourage others to do the same; creativity helps!

How to apply?


1. Complete the application form on this page

2. Once we’ve read your application we’ll ask you to send over a 2 minute video of yourself and why you’re passionate about joining the 2022 Empathy Week International Teacher ambassador team.


The deadline to apply to is Friday 27th August 2021 and the first virtual call will take place on Saturday 25th September 2021.

If you have any questions, please contact us at - schools@empathy-week.com

Teacher Ambassador Application form

Time to find out more about you!

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