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Our research & Impact

Leading and improving our programmes year-on-year to be research-led and impact driven.

In collaboration with:

In collaboration with Cambridge University

Researcher Foreword

“It has been very exciting to see Empathy Week in action. Their pilot study data shows immense potential of the programme not only for empathy development but also to transform the whole school culture to a more empathic, inclusive, and supportive space. I am especially impressed with the ‘Building Empathy’ lessons that can have an amazing impact on the overall wellbeing of children. I will be following Empathy Week's journey ardently.”

Amna Khalid - Researcher

Key findings

In 2022, we conducted a pilot study in collaboration with the University of Cambridge investigating how effective the Empathy Week programme is at developing the skill of empathy.

Students were more responsive to the feelings of others and displayed increased emotional empathy.
Students were able to demonstrate signs of increased self-compassion and heightened self-esteem.
Students were seen to display a greater desire to care for and connect with others.


Our Impact

students engaged






Connecting teachers across the world

Our International 
Teacher Ambassadors

We're lucky enough to have a fantastic growing community of international teacher ambassadors from across tthe world including: India, Nepal, Vietnam, Lebanon, Uganda, USA, Mexico, Ecuador, UK, Nigeria and Brasil. Our ambassador community meets throughout the year to share best practice and help improve the Empathy Week programme.

Our global vision

The Empathy Wall

Celebrating the work of students

The Empathy Wall is about celebrating the amazing work of students and classrooms across the world. Not only is important for students to be recognised and know that their work is important. It is also vital that they can see images of students from other cultures, countries and backgrounds. The difference in our lives and having time to understand it is the essence of empathy.

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