The Global Empathy Awards

Reid street primary award 2021.jpeg

We believe every student should have the opportunity to be seen, heard and make a difference in the world. Young people are passionate about making positive change in their local and global communities. Empathy+ is just one chance for students across the world to put empathy into action and to be recognised for their impact and efforts.

The awards are to celebrate how empathy has been used by students to understand the problems before launching in to help. 

We have two annual awards

1) Outstanding Primary School (Ages 5-10 - Whole class or school project)

2) Outstanding Empathy Action Project (Ages 11-18 - individual or group project)

Check out the winners of 2021 below!

Outstanding Primary Project
(5-10 years)

This year's winners are Reid Street Primary School in the UK.

They showed a fantastic dedication to putting empathy into action across the whole school. Each year group focussed on different social issues and used what they'd learnt in the lessons and films to inform how they helped others.

Their projects are shown off in a fantastic virtual online book which you can see for yourself by clicking in the link below.

Well done Reid Street Primary!


Outstanding Empathy Action Project
(11-18 years)

This year's winners are Sangam and Sundarmala from Nandi Secondary School in Nepal.

They directed and filmed a powerful movie about caste discrimination in Nepal with a powerful message - 'Nobody is untouchable'.

With limited resources, it's amazing what they have produced and we're happy that they have won the award!