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The Global Empathy Awards

A celebration of the #EmpathyGeneration and empathy in action.

"Being a teenager is always difficult, as it is one of the major turning points in life. I enjoyed being a part of this year's empathy action project - it motivated me to continue on a project I previously started on, and allowed me to talk and share my thoughts on difficult subjects. Being involved in this project and the awards was an awesome experience!"
Shulin - 2022 shortlisted awards participant - Hong Kong

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Global Empathy Award Winner 2022

Outstanding Project

Congratulations to Xintong (Sally) Wang , Chunzhen (Grace) Li and Amrita Saha, students of International School Geneva - Campus Des Nations in Switzerland. They explain their project like this:

"Our project is named "Be you". The cranes symbolize the diversity of our school: each crane is different and unique, similar to how all of the students in our school have different and special identities. However, all of the individual cranes are brought together to form a big flag, just like how the students are brought together in this school. We believe the cranes carry hope, success and represent freedom. To be free to express your own identity and feelings."

Global Empathy Award Winner 2022

Outstanding Primary School 

Sara Village School in Saudi Arabia have been awarded the Global Empathy Award this year.
Students and teachers put empathy into every aspect of their school lives, really nurturing the development of the skill through so many different projects, events and lessons.

Well done Sara Village School!


What to expect in 2023...

Students and teachers are supported by our workbooks AND we will also be running online webinars and workshops to help students turn empathy into action.

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Classroom projects for ages 5-11
We will be supporting schools with ideas to put empathy into action. Schools have done so many different things over the years from charity days for Ukraine to creating welcome books for students new to school and even presentations about the direct causes they care about. It's a fantastic way to get the whole school involved, practice the skill of empathy and have a fun time too!
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Team projects for ages 11-18
Our student support workbooks really come into their own here! It gives them the scaffold to help shape their ideas into reality (and also save teachers time). We will also be running some online webinars and workshops to also help students create great, impactful projects.
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Submitted as a film or video
New to 2023! We are now asking submissions to have a film or video as the main media and presentation. As an organisation we believe in the power of film and have a greater chance to impact people around the world through projects if they are video based.

Please note - projects may be based around a physical event, a podcast, an exhibition which is all great but we are asking for a video to show the process, impact and journey of your project.
Support will be offered on how to use free mobile editing software.

Our Judges

"We need to realise that empathy is even more important in 2022 than it was in 2021."

Professor. Dr. Ger Graus OBE (pictured left) - Global Education Advisor

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Gavin Dykes.jpg

Gavin Dykes
Director, Education World Forum (UK)

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Dr. Melissa Collins.jpeg

Dr. Melissa Collins
Principal & Top 50 Global Teacher Prize (USA)

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Bhawana Shrestha - Bhawana Shrestha.jpg

Bhawana Shrestha 
Founder, My Emotions Matter (Nepal)

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Previous winners
from 2021

Founder of Empathy Week, Ed with Sundarmala and Sangam in Kathmandu Nepal.
Outstanding Project winner 2021
2021 winners are Sangam and Sundarmala from Nandi Secondary School in Nepal.They directed and filmed a powerful movie about caste discrimination in Nepal with a powerful message - 'Nobody is untouchable'.With limited resources, it's amazing what they have produced and we're happy that they have won the award!
Outstanding Primary School 2021 

2021 winners were Reid Street Primary School in the UK.

They showed a fantastic dedication to putting empathy into action across the whole school. Each year group focussed on different social issues and used what they'd learnt in the lessons and films to inform how they helped others.

​Their projects are shown off in a fantastic virtual online book which you can see for yourself by clicking in the link below.
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