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Become an International
Teacher Ambassador 

For Empathy Week 2023 in your region

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in partnership with 

This year we're selecting 8 amazing teachers and fellows from the Teach For All network to become ambassadors for empathy across the world. Having a role in shaping the development of empathy in your region and finding ways to creatively engage students and teachers with empathy. If that sounds exciting to you, please apply below!
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The Opportunity

We're entering our third year of partnering with Teach For All and have had ambassadors join us from 6 continents in the past.

This year we are only selecting 8 incredible candidates from across the world to be ambassadors. The ambassador role is to represent Empathy Week in your school, country and region as well as help us run some amazing events during Empathy Week itself - think, the best educators coming together from across the world to talk about empathy - amazing!


What's expected in the role? 

  • Be an advocate for Empathy Week and help tweet/share facebook posts and media throughout the year.

  • Write a blog post about your teaching and/or empathy experiences.

  • Help us engage with at least 5 schools in your community (they access Empathy Week for free if government/state funded schools)

  • Help create and host 1 event or online event 

  • Be able to meet 1 on 1 with the team every 2 months

  • Meet as a whole group once every 2 months. 

Image by Bill Oxford
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The benefits to you!

If you are selected you will:

  • receive a certificate for your role signed by Ed, CEO of Empathy Week and other board members.

  • Be given access to our teacher training CPD course (usually paid for) and get a certificate of training when it is released.

  • A chance to tell and share your teaching story - Empathy Week will share blogs and updates to raise awareness of your work, school and culture - helping others to develop empathy towards you too!

  • Join our network of educators and changemakers who believe empathy is the most vital skill to develop.

  • Be a recognised part of the team on our website and join in mentoring calls with our founder and team.

What is Empathy Week?

An award-winning global schools programme in 40+ countries, using the power of film to develop the crucial skill of empathy in students aged 5-18.

Together, we are building the #EmpathyGeneration

So far we've engaged 140,000 students across 6 continents.

What do previous ambassadors say?

We have had ambassadors from all over the world join us, including from India, Nepal, Vietnam, Lebanon, Uganda, USA, Mexico, Ecuador, Malaysia, Cambodia, UK, Nigeria and Brazil. We look forward to welcoming you into our mission to build the #EmpathyGeneration but we also hope that we can help you in your own mission of social action. We want to create an environment where as a team we can discuss issues that affect your lives and the lives of your community as well. We hope this ambassadorship will also allow us to showcase you as an amazing educator in your country. See what previous ambassadors have said in the links below:

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