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State, Government and Free Schools

Any school that is governed and overseen by a local authority, district or government and is usually free to attend (though we acknowledge that isn't the case in every country, unfortunately).


Private, Independent & Fee-paying Schools

Any school where a fee is paid for a student to attend that is above the base level of state and government led education.

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Experience the power of Empathy Week and get ready to bring it into your classroom in 2022!

With beautifully cinematic films, fully differentiated lessons and everything made by qualified UK teachers, you know that what you're showing your students is both powerful and appropriate for their age.

We've taken Pete's story from Empathy Week 2021, as well as the lessons that accompany it, and made it available for free for everyone to enjoy and learn from.

Ages 5-7

Learn how Pete uses sport to help him maintain positive mental health, despite his Dad not being alive anymore.

Ages 8-10

Learn how Pete uses sport as part of his grieving process when his Dad dies, and how he works to keep healthy both mentally and physically.

Ages 11-18

Learn how Pete grieves when his Dad takes his own life, and how sport is one mechanism which helps him remember his father, whilst also keeping him physically and mentally healthy.