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Register your school
for Empathy Week 

Starting 27th February 2023


State, Government and Free Schools

Any school that is governed and overseen by a local authority, district or government and is usually free to attend (though we acknowledge that isn't the case in every country, unfortunately).


Private, Independent & Fee-paying Schools

Any school where a fee is paid for a student to attend that is above the base level of state and government led education.

From £650

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Registered schools get access to 
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Events & Experience

Empathy Week starts 27th February 2023 and we will be bringing you online events, webinars and workshops for your students as well as fellow teachers and even parents.

We have an amazing network of partners and speakers who will be helping us all develop the skill of empathy further.

Think topics around creativity, filmmaking, building empathy for those you disagree with, politics, careers, sustainability and so much more!

New to 2023 and only available to teachers, parents and students of registered schools.

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The 2023 Programme

Use our 5-week programme of films and supporting learning resources to develop the skill of empathy in the classroom.

This year all 5 films are united by the theme of 'Opportunity and Education' and - as always - tell the incredible stories of 5 amazing humans.


A whole school approach - all our films and resources are differentiated for every age group (ages 5-18) and all learning sessions are fully planned and resourced for teachers - a game-changer!

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Empathy Action Projects

Students can participate in a film-based project that allows students to put empathy into action and shout about something they are passionate about.

In 2023 students must create a video or film as an output of their action project with the aim of impacting the viewer to develop empathy for a certain cause.

Projects are classed based for ages 5-11 and individual or team based for ages 11-18!

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Global Empathy Awards

Every year we invite the best Empathy Action Projects and schools to our annual awards.

In 2022 we had students join us from Portugal, Switerzland, Saudi Arabia, UK, Hong Kong and Italy! 

Congratulations to Sara Village school in Saudi Arabia for winning the Outstanding Primary School award (view their presentation) and to students Xintong Wang, Chunzhen Li and Amrita Saha  of International School of Geneva - Campus Des Nations. You can view the winning and shortlisted projects here.

Live webinars to discover more!

Join us for a variety of webinars from introduction to watching headteachers talk about how their school have taken part for years and the impact it's made.

Watch an introductory webinar on demand

Hear from a Headteacher who has used Empathy Week for 2 years!

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