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Frequently asked questions

A place to find out more about the week and how you can take part!

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  • What is this years theme?
    This year our theme for the week is ‘Home’. It is purposefully broad, and will cover people's stories that relate to the idea of home from many different backgrounds and perspectives. It will touch on pertinent social issues such as the refugee crisis, homelessness, nationality, positive relationships, religion, war and more.
  • How do we define empathy?
    The skill to understand another and the ability to create space for someone to reveal their authentic self whilst reserving judgement.
  • We already have a very busy school timetable, how can Empathy Week fit into it?
    Empathy Week is designed to be flexible, so don't worry! We've refined Empathy Week over the years so that it can fit into pastoral, tutor or assembly time in your school. Our assembly resources and video resources are designed to fit within these short time slots. In terms of our online and in-person events, you will be able to sign onto these from December (well in advance of February) so that they can be easily integrated into your schedule. Register to get access to the members area where you will then also be notified of these come December.
  • What's the time commitment for Empathy Week? (new to 2024)
    How much time you spend taking park in Empathy Week 2024 is completely up to you as a school. Some schools take part by holding just one assembly, whilst others use all the resources we have to offer. Just remember that to truly develop the skill of empathy in students, we have to increase the diversity and amount of opportunities for them to experience other people’s worlds! The more of Empathy Week that you take part in, the bigger the impact on your students' emotional intelligence, confidence, and wellbeing you will have. Please note (update to 2024) - Empathy Week does not have a full 5-film programme like in previous years. This will be coming back in September 2024 under our new brand Empathy Studios - watch this space!
  • What do my students gain from Empathy Week?
    Empathy is a vital skill to learn. It is the foundation of great relationships and our ability to connect and communicate. However we all need opportunities to be able to develop and practice empathy - that is what we provide. Students will have the opportunity to engage in webinars, assemblies, and events that give them the chance to learn from inspiring speakers from all backgrounds. These opportunities will be centred around our 2024 theme of 'Home'. We will have a number of in person events like our partnership with Snapchat in 2023. We are working on a few amazing UK-based opportunities for 2024 - so watch this space! These events will allow students to connect with each other, upskill themselves, and learn about the value of empathy in a variety of different fields. All of our resources and events will be sorted according to age group: 5-7 year olds 8-11 years olds 14-16 years olds 17-18 years olds That's right - students of all ages will be able to participate in Empathy Week, from primary school through to sixth form/college!
  • Why is empathy important?
    Empathy is the skill that underpins all other crucial life skills - including leadership, creativity, problem solving, communication and resilience. It can be practiced, taught and developed over time. Our 2022 pilot study with Cambridge University showed that after taking part in Empathy Week: • Students were more responsive to the feelings of others and displayed increased emotional empathy. • Students demonstrated signs of increased self-compassion. • Students displayed a greater desire to connect with others. Here’s some of the research we refer to and think you’ll find fascinating too: • Empathy reduces cyberbullying • Empathy increases creativity • Empathy is essential for better workplace leadership • Empathy (and compassion) plays a vital role in conflict resolution
  • Does my school need to pay to take part in Empathy Week?
    No! As part of our new structure for 2024, all schools (state and independent) will have access to events, assemblies, and resources free of charge! You just need to ensure that your school is registered (click here, or navigate to the 'Register' tab at the top of the page).
  • Do you have any teacher testimonials?
    Yes we do! Read a few of them by clicking here and scrolling down to 'Teacher Testimonials'. Do also watch this 4-minute video, to hear from teachers and students across the UK on how they found Empathy Week, how they use it and what they love about the programme.
  • Where can I download more information that I can pass on to other members of my team?
    Please click here to view/download our Schools Information Pack, which contains more information on Empathy Week 2024.

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