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With 92% feedback scores and qualified teachers leading our training, this is one CPD that will truly impact your school!


Teacher Training Testimonials

Not your average CPD
With an average feedback score of 92% and informed by our research and partnership with Cambridge University, rest assured that this CPD will leave a lasting impact, just as it has for many teachers and schools.
To say that the Empathy CPD was impactful would be an understatement. It has, and inherently will change and inform how staff treat each other and the students in our school. It was dynamic and thought-provoking - this is the one piece of CPD that any school or business should stop thinking about doing.. and just do it!

Graham Parsons
Assistant Headteacher @ Herschel Grammar School
Copy of Copy of Teacher Pack - Empathy Week 2024_edited.jpg
What a great way to start the year! As with many schools, staff, pupil and community wellbeing is at the top of our agenda and so this was the perfect CPD for us. The range of activities ensured engagement from all throughout the day and really helped staff to explore self-empathy, empathy for others and how to put this into action within our setting. The feedback from staff has been hugely positive with many references made to personal learning since the day as we get into the swing of another busy academic year in school. I can’t recommend this staff development enough.

Paula Ayto
Headteacher @ Reid Street Primary

Powered by Research

In 2022, we conducted a pilot study in collaboration with the University of Cambridge investigating how effective 'The Empathy Programme' materials are at developing the skill of empathy.

"One week of empathy lessons may significantly improve emotional awareness"

1. Students were more responsive to the feelings of others and displayed increased emotional empathy.
2. Students were able to demonstrate signs of increased self-compassion and heightened self-esteem.
3. Students were seen to display a greater desire to care for and connect with others.

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