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Develop the skill
of empathy 

to boost understanding, reduce bias, nurture a culture of belonging and increase wellbeing.


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You're not too late!

"The best, most moving and impactful work I have ever experienced in the youth sector"

Colin Falconer, Chair of youth charity - WeBelong
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An award-winning global schools programme in 40+ countries, using the power of film to develop the crucial skill of empathy in students aged 5-18.
Why empathy?

Empathy can be taught, learned and practiced, and films are scientifically proven to help do just that.

As our world becomes more connected and globalised, navigating it becomes more complex. Empathy is the skill that underpins connection, trust, safety and hence wellbeing.

We define it as
the skill to understand another person and the ability to create space for someone to reveal their authentic self whilst reserving judgement.

If we can understand those around us, whether we agree with them or not, we have the ability to build better, more meaningful and fruitful relationships. That's the only way to truly positively change the world as well as our own personal and professional lives.

Our research 

In 2022, we conducted a pilot study in collaboration with the University of Cambridge investigating how effective the Empathy Week programme is at developing the skill of empathy.

  • Students were more responsive to the feelings of others and displayed increased emotional empathy.
  • Students were able to demonstrate signs of increased self-compassion and heightened self-esteem.
  • Students were seen to display a greater desire to care for and connect with others.
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The 2023 Theme

So far we've engaged 140,000 students across 6 continents.

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What teachers & students say...

Whilst we're qualified teachers ourselves, we know how important it is to hear from current teachers who've used our programme across the course of multiple years.

Reid Street Primary (featured in the video) have even had Ofsted site the use of empathy in their school inspection in 2022:

What parents & guardians say...

Hear from teachers, parents and guardians of Sara Village School in Saudi Arabia who's students who have been incorporating Empathy Week and empathy lessons into their school.

Sara Village school also won the Empathy Award in 2022

More Teacher Testimonials

Partners & Supporters

Teach For All
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Snap Inc
Empathic Intervision
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Votes for Schools
Children & Young people's mental health coalition
The Children's Society
Youth Sport Trust
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Teach First
Sucidie and Co
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Together, we are building the

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