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Putting empathy at the heart of filmmaking, education and curriculum content. 

"We are so grateful for the opportunity to pair such a thoughtful approach to building empathy in students across the globe with Snap's technology in the AR space to further the work of scaling this critical skill. We are delighted to support Empathy Week's mission to build the #EmpathyGeneration!"

Chandelle Wiebe Hakim

Global Philanthropy Manager - Snap Inc.


Our mission is to give the opportunity for all students worldwide to develop the skill of empathy and leadership and become part of the #EmpathyGeneration. 

We are looking to partner with organisations aligned to our values and dedicated to building the Empathy Generation with us. Is your organisation looking to engage Gen Z students with unique and exciting opportunities that can upskill their talents whilst developing their empathy? We're dreaming big - giving students opportunities like no other. If you're 'dreamers and doers' then get in touch.



Working with Snap Inc. in 2021


We partnered with Snap Inc. to run a lens studio workshop with students from across the world - amazing right!? In June 2021, 25 students from 5 schools in the UK, Mexico and USA took part. A workshop that taught students about the history of augmented reality (AR) and how they themselves could use this software to make empathetic lens’ they can use in the real world. A dose of empathy and up-skilling - what a success!

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Education & Curriculum content creation

We're experienced and qualified UK curriculum teachers with experience in department lead roles, curriculum design and integrating pedagogical practices into the classroom.

We believe education has the power to unlock every students potential if designed well with the right opportunities. Empathy is a skill that has been overlooked but if integrated into current curriculums and designs can improve a students creativity, wellbeing and 21st century life skills.


Working with Cognita Schools group


Alongside their brilliant wellbeing team, we designed a bespoke programme for their annual Global Be Well Day across all 77 Cognita schools. Incorporating our filmmaking and content design, we put empathy as the focus of their already existing 'Be Well Charter'. Helping students and teachers to focus on 'Connecting, Giving and Doing' through a lens of empathy. 



Any human story - we'll tell it. We are human led storytellers that have a cinematic approach to unearthing and telling the most beautiful, authentic and emotive stories.

So often we do not pause to appreciate the stories we have or of those around us. This is why we LOVE film. It can pause time, make you free from concern for a few moments and feel every type of emotion.


If you want us to make a great commercial for a new bamboo toothbrush or the latest pair of nike trainers we're not for you. But if you want us to make a film about the people who made those toothbrushes and wears those trainers we're all in. Human-led storytellers - that's us.


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We've worked with

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26.2 Mile/24 Hour Run Grateful Challenge
26.2 Mile/24 Hour Run Grateful Challenge

26.2 Mile/24 Hour Run Grateful Challenge

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Men...we need to talk - #1212challenge

Men...we need to talk - #1212challenge

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We Are Next (Community Animation)

We Are Next (Community Animation)

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Zinc's approach to user research

Zinc's approach to user research

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Corporate workshops 
and talks

Our experience as trained educators, facilitators and filmmakers puts us in a unique position to work with organisations to create interactive, empowering and memorable experiences for employees whilst developing the skill of empathy. We like to think we're masters of edutainment!

We offer bespoke workshops or incredibly powerful film screenings/talks that can be stand alone or curated around a theme important to you.


Most importantly we get your employees focussing on empathy as a crucial skill that they can harness and put their own personal touch on. A skill that will improve both personal and professional lives and hence the overall wellbeing of your organisation!

Working with The Opportunity Group


We've worked alongside the brilliant Opportunity Group to create a bespoke Empathy workshop that supports their various executive leadership programmes across multiple corporate clients including Dentsu, BlackRock, Sharps and more. Creating an opportunity for future leaders to understand the importance of empathy and put it into their own leadership practice.