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'Become a SnapChat Augmented Reality Creative'

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A 3 part workshop where students will be taught by world-expert Snapchat Lens creators and be upskilled in AR design with a core focus on empathy.

Students will be designing their own lens over the course of the workshops. One lens will be chosen as a winning design in the final session and will be promoted on SnapChat's platform for a day in front of 300 million users - epic! 

Workshop details
29th April - 27th May
(Only available to registered Empathy Week Schools)


Selected students will have a unique opportunity to be trained in Lens Studio, Snap software that enables users to create Augmented Reality lens (filters) for Snapchat.


In these workshops, students will be guided by experts and have a chance to make their own Lens that must incorporate and develop empathy in the user of that lens. The workshop mentors will guide students through the technical aspects of making a lens as well as helping students think of the user-experience. All whilst remembering the aim of creating a lens that can increase empathy in the user - pretty cool right?

Click here for an overview of the software students will be trained in.


Zoom (a teacher must be present for these workshops)


Workshop 1:

Friday 29th April - 4pm-6pm BST

Workshop 2:

Thursday 5th May - 4-6pm BST

Workshop 3 - Office Hours (Check in)

Friday 20th May - 4-5pm BST

Showcase event

Friday 27th May - 4-5pm BST


13+ only (this is a legal requirement and not guidance as Snap's platform is only for 13+)


The main language spoken will be English.

Spanish live translation will also be available.

Please note - Only schools registered with Empathy Week 2022 programme can access this opportunity.


All applications will be verified.

Applying does not guarantee the opportunity for your students.

Click here to register for Empathy Week so you can access this opportunity too.

Workshop School Registration Form


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