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Teacher support and training

Find out more about the programme this year

All resource and support materials are available to registered schools. Please contact your lead teacher.

Teacher training 2023

In this training session, teachers will:

  • Understand what empathy actually is and how to speak about it with students.

  • Understand the supporting skills framework behind Empathy Week and how to develop those skills over time.

  • Leave feeling confident in using the materials, films and projects that Empathy Week provides.

  • Understand the depth of resources and impact that you can have with the programme.

This is training for teachers of registered schools. Please note: if you would like the Empathy Week team to come and run half-day or full-day CPD training that incorporates how to bring empathy and emotional development into every aspect of your school then please get in touch with us.

Teache training

Information webinars

Two important webinar to for those thinking about registering or those wanting to gain further ideas in how to run an amazing Empathy Week with their school.

Haven't registered yet? Watch an introductory webinar

Headteacher shares how she has successfully used Empathy Week for 2 years

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