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How to take
part in 2023

Follow these steps to ensure your school is set up for a great week!


6 steps to a running the ultimate week



Complete our registration form. Once approved, your school will have a login that gives access to our members area.


From December 2022 you will be able to download all resources that can be put on your internal system for every teacher to access. Easy right!?


Before the week

Updates will be sent to your registered email.

You’ll be able to download all resources as well as book onto our series of workshops, assemblies and events from December.


We will have events for students, teachers and even parents - all with a focus around empathy of course!


During the week

Enjoy the events and start the 5 week programme using the first film and set of lesson resources.

Join in the conversation on social media, share your work and make empathy a focal point for your school, students, teachers and even parents.

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5 Week Programme

Explore and watch the 5 films over 5 weeks and discuss the lives, societal issues and topics that occur with the help of Stage 1 and Stage 2 lesson materials. This is where the building  of empathy really begins!

Note: Of course you can also run all the resources in one week but our experience knows that spreading it is best for most schools (and students)!


Empathy Action Projects

From April you can start stage 3! Use our resources to help plan and implement an empathy project.


For students aged 5-11 we have classroom projects and for older students 11+ there are individual and team project ideas.


New to 2023: All projects must submit a video or film for the awards if they wish!


Global Empathy Awards

Done an amazing project and created an awesome film/video?


Submit it by 15th July 2023 to our panel of judges and you might be invited to the Global Awards in September 2023.


Previous winners have included students from Saudi Arabia, UK, Nepal and Switzerland.

This information and more can be found in our 'Schools Information Pack' - perfect to send on to other colleagues!

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How a Headteacher uses Empathy Week

Hear from Paula Ayto, a headteacher in the UK who is preparing her school for their 3rd Empathy Week in a row!

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Timeline to 2023

Download resources & book on to online events

Run the 5 week programme of films & lesson resources

Submit your school's best projects to the global awards

Register your class or school

Empathy Week!

Empathy Action Projects start

Global Empathy Awards (online)

Starting 27th February
July 15th 2023
September 2023

Stage 1
Discovering Empathy

Stage 3
Empathy+ projects

Global Empathy Awards

Stage 2
Building Empathy

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