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Starting 27th February 2023

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What educators, teachers and parents say about us...

"The best, most moving and impactful work on film I have ever experienced in the youth sector. Human-led storytellers with bags of #AdvantagedThinking and #YouthPower inspiration for us all!"

Colin Falconer - Chair of WeBelong (a UK youth charity)

"I didn't know what to expect from the Empathy Week films at first. With a child in secondary school, and two yet to start primary, I can't stress how lacking I feel education is in this area, and how beneficial this type of exposure would be for our children, and for the future of society. Phenomenal."

Hannah Faucherand-Parker - Parent

"As a leader in a primary school, these films go right to the core of our passion and purpose. "Teaching is a work of heart" and if we can support our pupils to understand and so empathise with others we will build the empathy generation and provide our pupils with amazing role models of courage, resilience, determination and joy via the young people in the films."

Paula Ayto - Primary Headteacher

A global schools programme in 40+ countries, using the power of film to develop the skill of empathy in students aged 5-18.

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Films, Events and Experiences
Kick off the week with the first film from the Empathy Week 2023 programme! For the first time in 2023, we will also be hosting a range of events during Empathy Week itself, including live webinars for teachers, assemblies for students and talks for parents.
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Whole school approach
Use our 5-week programme of films and supporting learning resources to develop the skill of empathy in the classroom. This year all 5 films are united by the theme of 'Opportunity and Education' and - as always - tell the incredible stories of 5 amazing humans. All our films and resources are differentiated for every age group and all learning sessions are fully planned and resourced for teachers - a game-changer!
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Projects & Global Empathy Award
Students have an opportunity to turn empathy into action through their own Empathy Action projects.
New to 2023: all projects will be video- and film-based, giving students the opportunity to further experience the power of film! The 2023 programme culminates in a celebration of the projects at our Global Empathy Awards.
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