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Down Arrow
Lipa Nessa, one of the people in this years films

we are building the

From 21st February 2022

A global schools programme in 40+ countries, using the power of film to develop the crucial skill of empathy. 
James walking on a beach (Empathy Week 2022)

1 Week
5 Human Films
5 Powerful Stories

2022 Film Screening Reviews

100% 5 Star reviews from an audience of 100+ attendees

"The best, most moving and impactful work on film i have ever experienced in the youth sector. Human-led storytellers with bags of #AdvantagedThinking and #YouthPower inspiration for us all!"

Colin Falconer - Chair of WeBelong

"I am absolutely blown away. What incredible stories, told so beautifully. Lipa, James, Dami, Courtney and Kwasi are just so inspirational, courageous, wise… the list goes on. These films are amazing, and I can’t imagine anyone at any age that wouldn’t stop watching without feeling humbled and touched."

Lucy Wallace

"It's awesome to see all the stories and the people in them! Looking forward to seeing them getting played in my school assemblies soon to over 1200 students"

Jake Gates - Head Boy

"I didn't know what to expect from this event but was blown away. With a child in secondary school, and two yet to start primary, I can't stress how lacking I feel education is in this area, and how beneficial this type of exposure would be for our children, and for the future of society. Phenomenal."

Hannah Faucherand-Parker

"All I can say is that I wish I had Empathy Week when I was at school. I can't wait to see this initiative grow and impact more and more people every year! Thank you!"

Bella Santa-Cruz

"As a leader in a primary school, these films go right to the core of our passion and purpose. "Teaching is a work of heart" and if we can support our pupils to understand and so empathise with others we will build the empathy generation and provide our pupils with amazing role models of courage, resilience, determination and joy via the young people in the films."

Paula Ayto - Primary Headteacher

The 2022 Trailer

Empathy can be taught, learned and practiced, and films are scientifically proven to help do just that.

As our world becomes more connected, navigating it becomes more complex. Empathy underpins the other traits and skills we need to develop in order to face society's biggest challenges.

Vision Trailer Anchor
Dami smiling (Empathy Week 2022)

Our theme for 2022 is...




This year, we're bringing you the stories of five incredible individuals who's passion and sense of purpose has led them in very different, but equally inspiring directions.

What do you get if your school registers?

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Online events and experiences
We will be hosting a range of events during Empathy Week itself, including live webinars for teachers, assemblies and workshops for students and talks for parents - all on developing the skill of empathy across different topics.
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Whole school programme
Use our 5-week programme of films and supporting learning resources to develop the skill of empathy in the classroom. This year all 5 films are united by the theme of 'Opportunity and Education' and - as always - tell the incredible stories of 5 amazing humans. Age-differentiated and fully planned resources - it's a game-changer!

Made by qualified UK teachers - saving time, creating impact.

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Empathy Action Projects
Students can participate in a film-based project that allows students to put empathy into action and shout about something they are passionate about.
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Global Empathy Awards
An online celebration with judges from the education sector shortlisting and inviting the best Empathy Action Projects and schools to our annual online awards.
Teacher Testimonials

Teacher Testimonials

Dubai British School

"We absolutely loved empathy week and we got lots of thoughtful discussions out of it, the resources and videos were fantastic and really exposed the children to lots of social issues that they might not be exposed to here in Dubai. We also had some lovely feedback from parents that this was then being discussed around the dinner table. We are definitely hoping to do it again next year!"

Amanda Strachan

Assistant Primary Headteacher

Dubai British School, Emirates Hill

Featured in

BBC 5 Live
The Sunday Times
Tech 4 Good Awards
Kwasi smiling (Empathy Week 2022)

To truly change the world, you first have to understand the people in it.

Courtney Empathy Week 2022)

We’re building
into the fabric of tomorrow’s leaders.

Empathy is vital to our individual and collective success.


Whether it's in the classroom or the boardroom, hospital or football field - empathy is crucial to achieving better outcomes.

During Empathy Week, students will embark on a learning adventure packed with real-life cinematic stories with empathy at the core. Students from ages 5-18 will participate in active discussions around social issues and have the chance to take on their own Empathy Action Project. Changing our world for good.

Partners & Supporters

Teach For All
Youth Sport Trust
Snap Inc
Empathic Intervision
Children & Young people's mental health coalition
Votes for Schools
The Children's Society
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The Opportunity Group
Teach First
Sucidie and Co
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