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Now everyone can develop the skill of empathy:

This year we're giving students, teachers and parents (of registered schools) access to talks, workshops and events that help them develop the skill of empathy beyond the classroom.

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Interactive workshops, talks and sessions to upskill, inspire and develop empathy all at the same time.

Sessions to inspire and help take the skill of empathy into the classroom. Some sessions will also be geared towards topical CPD.

Exclusive sessions for parents to develop their knowledge of empathy and an opportunity for them to attend talks, webinars and hear specialists offer their advice on supporting their students

Confirmed speakers


Events and Experiences

An interactive online festival of talks, webinars and workshops with empathy at the core for the whole school community - students, teachers and parents!

Our Events Platform is live!

Please note: the schedule below is subject to updates.

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Want access for your whole school community? 

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