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2023 Webinar Recordings

Access a collection of our live sessions and events from last year.

They are categorised for the specific audience!



Climbing Everest - The need for compassion on the mountain

Tendi has been a mountain guide and sherpa his entire life. His story is told as part of this years Empathy Week and in this assembly students will be able to join and watch him speak about his life on the mountain and how he's learnt to be a good human being.

Looking after our mental health

Looking after our mental health is as important as our physical health. In this engaging assembly, students will learn some tips and tricks from Beyond - a national charity dedicated to supporting positive mental health in education.

Identifying our emotions 

Every day, we feel a range of emotions. In this assembly, students will learn about a variety of emotions and how each of them are valid. It's recognising them that allows us to be better people and kinder to those around us. Learn how to do that in this assembly!


Empowering thousands of lives 

In this session, hear from 2020 Change founder and CEO Duro Oye who speaks about his journey to set up a social enterprise that helps young people realise their true potential and cultivate the right mindset and skills to navigate and engage with today's society. You'll also hear from Chinedu (aka Sam) on his journey through the programme and how it changed his life.

Finding creativity in everyday life:
How I turned a hobby into a job!

In this session hear from content creator Rich McCor. This isn't a "how to quit your job & make money doing what you love" sort of talk, it's an honest reflection on Rich's journey which hopes to inspire you and give you some belief that it's okay to chase an ambition you may be hiding deep down. Rich ultimately believes that if we all gave our hobbies & interests more of our time then we would really boost our collective self-confidence and happiness. 

Empathy as a tool for peace

Jo Berry lost her father, Sir Anthony, in the Brighton bombings of 1984. Since 2000, she has been working with the ex-IRA combatant, Patrick Magee, who planted the bomb. In this session, attendees will learn how empathy is a vital tool for peace and that even in the most unlikely of circumstances, can bridge divides and bring forgiveness.

Is sport the ultimate for empathy and understanding?

Join this session for an exciting panel discussion with guests Lipa Nessa, Darcy Bourne and Alison Oliver MBE (hosted by Gavin Ramjaun) that will discuss whether sport is the ultimate tool for empathy and understanding as well as the importance that women's sport plays in our society.

How self-empathy can lead you to your dream career!

Do you know what self-empathy 🙏 is? And do you know how it can help you with career growth 📈?


Join this session with Sam Hornsby to learn all about how self-empathy can help you progress in your career. Sam will be talking about her own journey of self-empathy and how it her to where she is today. 🎨 How she got rejected from 3 universities and felt like a failure 💼 How she then stumbled into working in the startup world 📹 How startups led her to a career in freelance videography 🌈 How freelance life led her to become an entrepreneur & start ERIC! 


Navigating conflict with empathy

Can state and private schools coexist positively for everyone?

Conflict is rarely out of the news. Whether it's war, politics or domestic tensions. It can feel overwhelming and constant, adding to feelings of uncertainty and insecurity. However, it's not just a feature of the international level.


Conflict is also a part of life within our closest circles - with friends, family and our colleagues. Although conflict might be a natural part of human relations, there are ways to navigate it better, to try to avoid escalation, and to seek mutually beneficial solutions.


In this session, Ed Kirwan (Founder Empathy Week) will host a discussion with Dr. Claire Yorke, whose work explores the role of empathy and emotions in security, diplomacy, and political leadership. They will talk about the nature of conflict, its impact at a global and a local level, and what steps we can take in our own lives to approach conflict more effectively.

This session brings together experienced teaching experts in the state and private education sectors to discuss the future of collaboration between the two sectors. A real-life example of exercising empathy, not all sides agree with each other in this discussion yet we look to gain new perspectives and learn how the education sector as a whole can work together for the benefit of all students, teachers and staff.

The environment and sustainable citizenship: What more can schools be doing?

In this session, join Lord Jim Knight and Rachel Musson in their discussion around integrating sustainability into the curriculum, including some practical and useful tips that can be started now.

How is empathy practice and learning developing across the world?

In this international panel discussion hosted by Gavin Dykes (Director Education World Forum) we will hear from experts in the education world about social-emotional learning and its evolution across the world. 

Hear about what's worked and what hasn't in different contexts and learn about new ideas to take your own education setting forward into the decades ahead as empathy becomes an even more useful skill to teach.

Emotional Intelligence: Why it's a must have for the world we live in!

We've all heard of IQ and many of us will have heard of EQ - otherwise known as emotional intelligence. In a world that is ever-changing and more complicated than ever, it is our ability to maintain positive human relationships which will be the marker of both our happiness and success.

In this session, hear expert Sandra Thompson speak about why emotional intelligence (and empathy of course) are vital for the world we live in and crucially, how to bring its use into our lives more.

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